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She Is Guided

She Is Guided

Membership program

Welcome to a transformative space designed exclusively for visionary women. Join our membership for a curated experience tailored to like-minded individuals seeking continuous growth, profitable brand building, and lasting motivation. Immerse yourself in exclusive content, harness the power of a supportive community, and navigate the world of entrepreneurship, with guidance and support. Surround yourself with a tribe of dynamic women on the same path of empowerment and achievement. 

Get guided.

If you've felt led to explore entrepreneurship then you've come to the right place. We teach you how to build and grow your business empire. She is guided is for the woman who needs a little direction towards their dreams, to help them live their full potential!

Membership Insight

Monthly Masterclass

Elevate your expertise with our exclusive monthly masterclass. Refine your skill and join our community of like-minded women committed to continuous growth.

community group

A space where connections flourish and ideas thrive. Join our engaging discussions, shared knowledge, and the support of community. Together, let's build, learn, and grow.

exclusive Content

Exclusive content curated just for our member. Expert tips, and premium resources that elevate your journey. Take definitive steps towards your full potential!

What our Members are saying

Thank You for Being A Beautiful Friend & For Showing Me True Sisterhood . I Appreciate You So Much & I Know Other Girls Would Too

Destiny’s coaching Program not only transformed my business - but also encouraged me to elevate my mindset, and how it provided me with the confidence to begin a well needed journey of self discovery and rebranding!

I Appreciate You So Much For Mentoring Me. I Learned So Much With You & You Just Grounded Me On My Success & What I Am Willing To Do For It.

Don't do it alone

We believe that everyone needs someone. Don't navigate the path alone. We're here to guide you, helping you build a thriving brand, business, and life. Embrace the journey to success with a supportive friend on your side!