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About us

Destiny Alexis is the founder of “Desalexiss” which is the first ever Womens empowerment nail brand. Her mission is to empower and motivate women to live their full potential in life. Destiny has devoted countless hours to creating high-quality, innovative nail products. Not only is she the visionary and CEO of Desalexiss, she was also a nail artist herself. Throughout her nail journey, she realized a few flaws in the industry, and that every nail artist can be great. Regardless of their circumstances. Too often, nail artists and entrepreneurs use their earnings repeatedly to get products that are of inconsistent quality, and that's what sets Desalexiss apart from every other nail company. Our CEO, Destiny Alexis, stands by the excellence of her brand which represents consistency, longevity, and incomparability - the key things needed to be great in the nail industry. Destiny later decided to take things a step further by creating a space for like minded women. “She Is Guided” is a community for women who have a passion for entrepreneurship. It is a place where women from all walks of life and all seasons of their entrepreneurship journey come to learn, build, and grow their business. She Is Guided was first launched in 2020, as a coaching program and since then, has grown to a membership where countless women have trusted her in helping develop their craft and launch successful careers. Destiny has always believed that all women deserve the opportunity to dive into their passions and chase an independent and lucrative career..